Mechanical Testing

CVN Charpy Impact HammerImpact Testing

Our CVN Charpy Impact Machine is NIST verified annually.  We’re able to provide cold condition testing down to -320° f and generally have next day turn around on all of our material testing.

Barbee P200VR High Pressure Pump

Hydrostatic Testing

We now have two Hydrostatic testing units, The Barbee P300VR Hyrdostatic Tester and the Barbee P200VR High Pressure pump. Our new hydrostatic testing equipment is capable of testing pipes, fittings and vessels up to 33,600 psi, and provides accurate, minute by minute test data.

Riehle Tensile TesterTensile Testing

Our Riehle Tensile Tester is capable of applying forces upto 200,000 lbf.  Its fully integrated analyzer records force, ultimate strength, yield strength and elongation.  With this machinewe are able to provide material verification, weld testing (PQR) and equipment certification

Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell Hardness testersHardness Testing

Our metals lab is equipped with a range of hardness testing machines. These units include a Rockwell, Vickers Knoop and Brinell Hardness tester.  We’re also able to test larger pieces with our Tele Brineller portable testing equipment.

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