Nondestructive Tests (ASNT, MIL-STDs):

nondestructive testing from WJMG's independent in-house laboratoryNDT or Nondestrcutive testing can be performed using procedures and instruments that do not affect the future usefulness of the object or material. NDT allows parts and materials to be inspected, measured and analyzed without damaging or altering them. Because it allows inspection without interfering with a product's final use, NDT provides an excellent balance between quality control and cost-effectiveness.

Our testing is done in-house, in our own independent testing laboratory over seen by not only an AWS CWI, but also an ASNT Level III P.E. WJMG strives for the most complete and comprehensive reporting when it comes to the materials being inspected.

  • Visual Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Penetrant Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Phased Array Ultra Sonic Testing
  • Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES)
  • Portable (Thickness, Longitudinal Wave)
  • Horizontal Wet Bench AC Unit (up to 1500 amperes)
  • Dry or Wet tests, Fluorescent (black light) or visible light
  • Hand-held Parker Yoke Tester AC/DC
  • Portable or fixed bath
  • Visible Dye
  • Fluorescent Dye - black light
  • Portable ( Shear Wave)
  • Load Bank, Verify Welding Power Supplies - 1000 ampere cap., portable

Codes and Standards

Codes and Standards


AWS D1.1,
Structural Welding Code - Steel

6.14.6 Personnel performing NDT shall be qualified in conformance with the current edition of ASNT SNT-TC-1A.  Certification of Level I and Level II shall be performed by a Certified Level III.

Welder Performance

ASME V, Article 1, T-120 General, Qualification of NDT personnel  in accordance with employer’s written practice, SNT-TC-1A.

ASME B31.3
Process Piping

342.1 Examination Personnel Qualification and Certification shall have training and experience as specified in SNT-TC-1A.

ASME VIII Division 1
Pressure Vessels

ASME V, Article 1, T-120 General, Qualification of NDT personnel  in accordance with employer’s written practice, SNT-TC-1A.

API 1104

8.0 Inspection and Testing of Production Welds.  8.4 Certification of NDT Personnel – shall be certified to Level I, II or III, SNT TC-1A.  Only Level II or III shall interpret test results.

Welding & Joining Management Group

  • Welding & Metals Testing
  • Welder Tests & Certification
  • Instrument Validation & Verifications
  • Non-Destructive Testing & Training
  • Welding Expert Assessments
  • Expert Reports & Testimony
  • Independent
  • Objective
  • Experienced


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