A Quality Management System is Planning for Success

qms planning for successQMS is a Welding Management “attitude”.

A Well thought out and prepared QMS will benefit any welding shop.

The white paper describes selected benefits of maintaining a welding Quality Management System (QMS) for fabricators and erectors, piping contractors, pressure vessel shops U & R stamps, and general welding shops.

Every welding company needs a QMS. The reasons are simple: weld products to satisfy your customer’s needs, avoid rework and make a profit. Quality is a choice, make smart choices.

QMS is a set of policies, procedures and work instructions that welders, inspectors and managers, to plan their work and utilize “core” business practices. QMS directs all workers to develop good habits that organize resources, achieve timely results and exceed customer requirements.

QMS refers to the entire method of a “customer focused attitude” for everyone on your payroll. Treat your customers as you would have them treat you.


Section Elements Topics

  1. Safety in Welding & Allied Process AWS Z49.1, CFR 1910 Subpart Q
  2. Drawings, Welding Symbols Code Compliance & Customer Contract
  3. Base Materials Certified Material Test Reports
  4. Welding Procedures & Certifications Compliance with Code & Contract
  5. Inspection, Visual & NDT Level II Inspectors, Audits, Calibrations
  6. Administrative Billing, Accounts Receivable, Expenses
  7. Close-out Job Files, Extra Charges, and Records

The purpose of QMS in your welding shop is to “satisfy customer expectations” and documentation requirements. Quality satisfies Design.

In a nutshell, QMS is intended to be a “simple” way to plan welding operations:

  • Identify your customer requirements, specifications and standards.
  • Be prepared to provide your QMS and HSE plan with quotes.
  • Ensure that all employees understand customer requirements.
  • Confirm that all employees understand their role in meeting customer expectations.
  • Use proven processes, certified welders, and code compliant inspections.
  • Prepare files and accurate records of welding operations.
  • Measure and monitor welding performance to build morale.
  • Perform QMS audits daily, remove inefficiencies, and eliminate nonconformities.
  • Continually improve your QMS Reward experience, education, and certification

QMS unites the diverse aspects of your company and allows delivery of the best products/services to your customers at the least cost. Rather than your QMS program being seen as a cost burden, your QMS is a key component of business success and employee satisfaction.

The professional and experienced team at Welding & Joining Management Group (WJMG) can explain how to improve your welding operations with QMS.

You can schedule element meetings in your lunchroom for the owner, managers (General,Production, Facility, Accounting), welding supervisors, welders, inspectors. Or schedule an online-meeting with our training managers. 

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