Small Business will lead America to full economic recovery in this time of a “National Emergency”.

gate drop off station for social distancing and COVID-19 safetyWJMG is in the “Service Business” and we're here for you when you need us.
We are on call for your project: 303-451-6759

Welding & Joining Management Group is taking a socially conscience, yet sensible approach to the COVID-19 situation. While we understand the dangers of this on-going pandemic, we also realize that small business must go on. Our clientele are there, in the trenches, every day. There is not another option but to go to work and get it done. That being said, we have enacted many protocols and emergency precautions to keep all of us safe. No one wants to get sick.

If you feel ill, STAY HOME! Our staff is on call to complete your project when you need it. If they feel ill or show any flu symptoms, we are asking them to stay home as not to get worse or possibly infect others. We hope our clientele will observe that same courtesy.

Office hygiene practices. While we have always prided ourselves in a clean and safe environment in both our office as well as the shop and yard, in the past several weeks we have increased all cleaning and sanitizing procedures to eliminate the possible spread of any viruses or bacteria. We take the safety of our staff as well as clientele very seriously.

front drop off station for social distancing and COVID-19 safetySocial distancing for on-site welder testing. Our on-site, individual, welder testing stations are well over 6 feet away from each other and are clean and protected from the weather and other people. We can accommodate up to 15 welders testing on-site at any given time.

Sample drop off stations. We have added several bin/shelf drop off stations with available carts at our Frederick location, where you can drop off your welded samples - with completed paperwork - and pre-payment. We will make every effort to get your project completed within 24 hours. If you need your paperwork same day, call us, we will do our best to make it happen. We understand the way small business works. Paperwork can be downloaded at .

Teleconferencing for consulting or forensic meetings. Many of our consulting assignments can be discussed over the phone, email and drop-box. We will postpone any non-essential face-to-face meetings for the next several weeks. Off-site or location inspection work can be scheduled, but travel to and from required location will be billed as car travel only. Please allow the necessary time in your request. You can call for more information and to discuss specific logistics.

Online education and certification opportunities

During this "downtime" will you spend your time watching Netflix, or spend the time to better yourself and advance your career?

WJMG offers online training and micro-certifications.

While the choice to go to the movies or the grocery store may have been limited for you, you do have the choice of how to spend this time of quarantine. You can choose to better your path through the future.

If you are worried about being laid off or furloughed in the future, why not take this opportunity to beef up your credentials and expertise? Visit to learn about online Level I & II certifications, Employer based micro-credentials and Quality Management Systems that will make you or your company stronger going forward.

WJMG offers many options that can be completed online, during isolation, using social distancing, where we can help you build for the future. It is about the pioneering spirit, making yourself better and stronger during times of adversity.

Call us today and let's get through this together.

The Independent Metals Testing Lab at WJMG™

Mechanical and Nondestructive Testing for quick and accurate results

The Welding & Joining Management Group™'s independent mechanical testing and nondestructive testing (NDT) laboratory is a full-service facility. Dr. Jesse A. Grantham, Professional Engineer and metals and welding expert,  oversees all testing and results.

WJMG is an in-house, independent, testing facility in Frederick, Colorado. We stand by our accuracy and provide affordable, fast service.

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Metals Testing & Forensic Evaluation

WJMG - Independent Testing Facility and Welding Experts, Frederick, COFor over 30 years Welding & Joining Management Group™ has successfully provided knowledge obtained by our experience, education and tests to help our clients solve their materials joining problems. We have established quality management standards to deliver accurate analysis and reports quickly and right the first time.

We provide expertconsulting services for your product failure analysis or manufacturing problems including comprehensive yet understandable reports. 

The WJMG™ staff is a well-rounded group of qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to your needs. Call today to schedule your appointment and see why WJMG™ is refreshingly different.

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In-House Alloy Analysis

Optical Spectrometry Alloy Analysis ARL 3460Optical Spectrometry

The ARL 3460 is the work horse of the WJMG metals lab. Using the ARL, we can identify over forty elements and certify chemical composition  for accurate test results of material verification or for research purposes.

Niton XRF Portable Alloy AnalysisNitonXRF

Our Niton X-Ray Fluorescence analyzer allows us to determine a specimen’s chemical composition without destroying it.  This unit is very useful for verifying material compatibility of or equipment tools that are larger or not readily portable.

Welding & Joining Management Group

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